Can you IMAGINE how absolutely warped someone has to be to believe parents fighting for their children to be unmasked at school are being ‘fueled’ by the Koch brothers? We get it, these are the same people who have made careers of seeing evil Republicans behind every tree and under their beds, but this is nutty.

Perhaps Gregg Gonsalves (who has this editor blocked for some reason) should actually spend some time talking to these parents instead of tweeting paranoid BS about them?

Just sayin’:

There’s an entire thread of insanity from Gregg (with two gs!) but we won’t bore you with it. See, we’re kind sometimes.

PoliMath was good enough to highlight his tweet and hope for some help for the lil feller … hehe:

Right?! As we said up there … nutty.

People are just freakin’ broken.

C’mon man.

Sane up a little.

What we’re seeing more and more is experts really resent any person (especially parents) who don’t do as they’re told.

But you know, it’s the KOCH BROTHERS.



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