Joe Walsh has been tripping over his own tweets for years … heh.

We suppose that’s sort of what happens when you’re a flaming hypocrite. Remember the time when he said he would be taking up his musket if Trump didn’t win? And now he’s magically some left-leaning moderate who saw the light?

Yeah, we don’t buy it.

And you know it’s bad when even Brit Hume is sharing your ‘L’s’ on Twitter:

Ouch is right.

Admit it, you hear that ‘ouch’ in Brit’s deadpan, dry voice, right?

That’s always what makes us laugh about him when he gets ‘saucy’ on Twitter.

Careful, he’ll talk about his musket again.

Don’t forget they also try desperately to flip-flop their opinions and pretend they weren’t a raging Trump supporter to gain favor and attention.

About most things, yes, he is.



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