Calling the police because children are UNMASKED. Are they HIGH?!

Boy oh boy, if these school districts are TRYING to make themselves look like even more authoritarian fascist a-holes they are succeeding. This thread from Carrie Lukas is just infuriating …

They called security, the police, and a ‘public affairs HACK’ there to deal with the threat of a mom, and her unmasked children, aged 7 and 9. Tell us you don’t want to give up your power and authority without telling us you don’t want to give up your power and authority, Fairfax County Schools.


And ordering a local journalist off the property so they couldn’t tell her story? Classy. (So you KNOW you guys have to share our story of the event and her tweets, right?)

But wait, there’s more:


He took off his mask to yell at moms who know he can’t talk through it because their kids can’t talk through them EITHER, which is the freakin’ point of all of this.

No words.

Absolutely they are.

You can bet Northam would be suing the pants off any district that hadn’t asked him ‘how high’ when he said jump.


Real criminals out there committing real crimes but Fairfax called the cops on a parent.

Duh, parents are the terrorists … didn’t you hear?

*eye roll*

‘Never give up.

Never surrender.’ – Commander Peter Quincy Taggart



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