In case you needed a reminder of what Never Trump turned into …

Originally, the movement was about people who did not find Trump to be as conservative as they would like. That being said, once Trump won the primary many of them decided to support the former president because Hillary was the Devil in a bad pantsuit.

Those who continue to hang onto that moniker seem to have turned it into a mean girl’s club, like the account that inspired this kick-a*s thread from @RantyAmyCurtis.

His policies did not suck.

True story.

She continued:

50 years to be exact.

But hey, at least no mean tweets.



What Amy said.

He’s hurting far more people than Trump ever did.

Just sayin’.

And that’s really the point.

The only people who are all that obsessed with Trump at this point are those who would follow him to the ends of the Earth AND people still clinging to Never Trump in order to deflect and avoid admitting they’ve subjected this country to an old puppet who has done more damage to the country in his first year than Trump did in all four years of his term combined.

They’d rather pretend they’re still fighting the big mean orange guy than admit they voted for the other guy who is WAY worse.



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