Oh, look. The Associated Press was good enough to write about Aafia Siddiqui who inspired the gunman to take a bunch of Jews hostage in a Texas synagogue.

But as usual, they didn’t tell the whole story, or the part of the story that actually matters … good ol’ mainstream media.

Gosh, AP, seems you left a few KEY details out.

Danny Gold brought the receipts.

We assume he means ‘it not include all her anti-Semitic statements’ because he shared them:

They should be ashamed.

As should the FBI claiming the hostage situation had no issues connected to the Jewish community.


Odds are, if this had happened under Trump they’d be playing the anti-Semitic card because they could blame Trump for it, but since it’s their pal Joe, it’s as if the anti-Semitism piece of this event is being memory-holed.

Just disgraceful.

Her virulent anti-Semitism is inconvenient, duh.

Some lame journalist wrote some lame article.



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