Hillary Clinton quoting Barack Obama … that has to open up some evil spacetime continuum somewhere, right?

And seriously, these Democrats must think Americans are either stupid or have the shortest memories in history.

Then again, they’re only trying to appeal to their own supporters, and they would be correct about them so we suppose this reads.

Ugh, Hillary, just go away already.

Obama doesn’t care about democracy.

Hillary doesn’t care about democracy.

But the yahoos who might vote for her (if and when she runs again) believe they care about democracy, and that’s all that matters. Granted, these same yahoos don’t understand America is a Republic but we digress.


Both of you may go now.

And not a funny clown show at that.

This. ^

Hey, they said please.

That could be HELLA fun.


Funny how Democrats are always for things when they’re convenient, and against them when they’re inconvenient.

We certainly wouldn’t complain too much, lots and lots of good material when she runs.

The timing is questionable.



Ding ding ding.



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