Marc Elias is the guy who pushed the fake Russia collusion hoax for years. He’s also the attorney Terry McAuliffe hired before Virginia’s election which ultimately only made people feel like Terry thought he was gonna lose so he was bringing in Elias to challenge the results of said election.

Elias doesn’t have the greatest rep in Right-wing circles.

And for good reason.

This cover is fantastic:

So fantastic in fact that Elias felt the need to complain about the artwork, going so far as to suggest the cover was racist and even anti-Semitic.

Kamala’s nose is larger than Schumer’s … just sayin’.

These are called caricatures, Marc. If you notice, nobody has a normal-sized nose, mouth, eyes, eyebrows, foreheads. THAT’S THE POINT. Nobody looks realistic.

It’s not some anti-Semitic, racist, or hateful attempt to hurt anyone.

Not to mention, the editor of The Washington Examiner is literally an Orthodox Jew.

Awww, yes, that’s right.

Marc, this was just so embarrassing. Wow.

Psh, look at Kamala’s!

Yeah, bud.

Speaking of the magazine’s editor who happens to be an Orthodox Jew:

Too bad it’s not funny.

Well, Elias’ tantrum is pretty funny.

And just a hot mess.


He just kept on digging and digging and things kept on getting worse and worse.

Yeah … no.




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