If Randi Weingarten actually believed even half the nonsense she spews on Twitter, she wouldn’t feel the need to disable replies so only those in her echo chamber can respond to her. Not to mention, when anyone does this, it only makes things worse because it looks cowardly.

And like you can’t stand by your own tweet.

Take a gander:

Disabling replies?

Gosh, it’s almost as if Randi can’t handle the truth.

Talk about a group of people who completely and totally overplayed their hands and are now paying the price for it. Teacher’s unions are almost as unpopular as Congress … almost.

Don’t it?

Poor, sad, pathetic, Randi.

This reads.

She’d rather pretend parents are completely onboard and the only people voicing concerns are evil domestic terrorists and far far far right-wingers.

Except we all know better.

She really should resign.

Overwhelmingly popular.




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