Want to see what happens when the Democrats have a majority and run your state government? Look no further than the REACTIONS from Governor Northam and Nothern Virginia’s Department of Transportation. It’s not just that this tweet and video are ridiculous, the TIMING is just so awful.

They couldn’t have timed this worse if they tried.


Just. Wow.

And what makes this even worse is that this account is not just VDot, but NORTHERN VIRGINIA VDot, where drivers are literally STRANDED!

Hey Virginians, don’t worry, Northern Virginia’s Department of Transportation is front and center sending out videos talking about how awesome they are. Oh, we know you’re cold, and hungry, and probably need to use a bathroom, and tired … but if you still have some battery left in your phone at least you can be entertained by state goverment.

Completely thoughtless, yup.

It’s still up.

That’s the real kicker.



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