We’re not sure if Brianna Keilar is more irritated with the fact that anyone would DARE accuse the media of being unkind to their hero, Joe Biden, OR if she finds the Washington Post’s claim that they are as mean to Biden as they were to Trump as laughable as the rest of us.

They’d NEVER be mean to Biden. C’mon man!

Watch this:

Sorry, we just find the entire thing hilarious. We have really only seen the media try and run damage control for President Silver Alert, not to mention they spent four years pushing the Russian collusion hoax to try and destroy Trump.

Not seeing any sort of real comparison here, not even close.

Oh, and all Brianna really did was make Lefties mad that she would even challenge WaPo’s claim about poor Sleepy Joe.

Man, either none of these people paid any attention for the last few DECADES or they agreed so much with the media during Trump’s administration they didn’t see a problem with the way the media covered him.

Brandon voters … yikes.



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