Remember, the more Nancy Pelosi flaps her arm(s) around the more full of bull she really is. We’ve often joked we’re surprised she hasn’t already taken literal flight with how much she flaps those creepy old twigs around.

Here she is, trying to tell the world about how proud of Biden Americans really are, especially when it comes to climate change.


At least Nancy’s brain didn’t just stop mid-speech this time.

Hearing her ramble on about Biden fighting for climate back in the 80s just reminds us all of how long he’s been in politics. And c’mon, if Americans were really proud of Biden she wouldn’t have to try and sell this idea to the world. They’d know.

Not to mention, if he started working on climate issues 35 years ago you’d think he’d have made SOME progress by now?



Yeah, this didn’t even fly at home, Nan.



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