Gosh, we’re starting to think Democrats just really don’t like parents.

From The Free Beacon:

The Department of Education earlier this month tapped the president of the National School Board Association to serve on a federal board that tracks student progress, the latest indication of the Biden administration’s collaboration with the group that compared parents to domestic terrorists.

Education Secretary Miguel Cardona on Oct. 13 appointed National School Board Association president Viola Garcia to the National Assessment Governing Board, which develops the tests used to track student achievement across the country. Garcia was behind a Sept. 29 letter urging President Joe Biden to have the FBI monitor school board meetings for potential violence. The Department of Justice formed a task force on Oct. 4 consisting of the FBI and Justice Department’s national security and civil rights divisions, sparking outrage from parents groups who say the administration is trying to stifle parents who oppose mask mandates and left-wing curricula.

They are trying to stifle parents.


The National School Board Association apologized for the letter on Friday, saying there was “no justification” for the language comparing parents to terrorists. Other emails showed that some National School Board Association directors were upset with Garcia for issuing the letter without the board’s input. One director said that the letter’s reference to parents as domestic terrorists inflamed tensions at local school board meetings.

School boards spend months (years in some cases) completely ignoring the wishes of parents, caving to teacher’s unions and other special interests, and then because parents are ANGRY they are suddenly the bad guys.

Time for some serious changes in education at the top.

And Garcia thinks of parents as domestic terrorists.


Sadly we aren’t surprised either.

The Biden administration consistently picks the wrong people for the job … this is no exception.



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