Who wants to tell Dr. Scott Ziegler, superintendent of Loudoun County Schools, that it is NOT a good look to delete your Twitter account and run a day after a bombshell story breaks around an email that proved they all knew about the sexual assault that took place in a high school bathroom. It would appear their trans-policy was more important than protecting kids in school since the predator was a boy in a skirt who allegedly raped a girl in the bathroom.

They went on to transfer this boy to another school, where he allegedly raped another girl in a bathroom.

Meanwhile, the Loudoun County prosecutor went after the first victim’s father for being angry at a school board meeting.

The meeting where they all sat around and said they were unaware of any sexual assaults taking place AT SCHOOL.

They lied.

Ziegler should resign.

Honestly, they should all resign and be investigated.

And Northam and any Democrat who voted for the legislation that allowed them to do this should be investigated.

He can run.

But clearly, he can’t hide.



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