Randi Weingarten knows the teacher’s unions own Terry McAuliffe, that’s why she wants him elected.

Just think of this thread as her protecting her investmnt.

Any time someone like Randi says, ‘let’s be clear,’ you know what they’re saying or about to say is complete and total BS.

He wants to put every kid online.

He will absolutely block school choice.

And will do everything his owners in the teacher’s union tell him to do. He will not be a governor of the people, he will be a governor of the special interests.

School meals?

What about education? It tanked while Terry was governor.

Glenn Youngkin wants to involve parents in their children’s education.

That’s what really freaks Randi out.

She’s not exactly proven herself to be a fan of parents.

The choice is clear, if the unions are pushing McAuliffe, Virginians DEFINITELY want Youngkin.

Not to mention, ol’ Terry cared so much about public education he sent his kids to private school.


He sent them to a very very very expensive private school.

Another anti-voucher Democrat sends his kids to private school but wants to rob everyday Virginians of having that same choice. Democrats have a very lucrative relationship with the unions where they make sure the unions get more money and in turn the unions make sure Democrats get more money. YOUR money.

That should be used for school choice.

And Randi knows Glenn will do just that. This is not about her protecting public schools, this is about her protecting her bottom line and those sweet dues from the teachers stuck in her union.




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