We know it’s childish and even petty to laugh at the suffering of others BUT when it’s Rick Wilson who is suffering?

Yeah, we are SO pointing and laughing.

Especially when it comes to the January 6th Commission or the ridiculous narrative that a bunch of people dressed up like dorks led by a bigger dork in a Viking hat was somehow overthrowing the government. Yeah yeah, they really need something to deflect and distract from the sh*t job Biden is doing (who Rick helped put in the White House) but c’mon man.

Stop being a lying, dog-faced pony soldier and stuff!


He’s livid.

What’s he gonna do? Write some tweets about it?

Oh, yeah, that is what he did.

Wait, we thought Liz Cheney and the gang were putting country over party or something.




We’ve found ourselves wondering if perhaps Rick ate a bunch of paint chips as a child …

Yes, Rick. Many people at the Capitol that day were protesting.

That’s it.

And that Rick ever listened to Democrats in the first place tells us he’s definitely been eating paint chips.

Would someone pretty please grab a teeny, tiny violin for Rick? Thanks.

With a spoon, baby.

Same thing we did when we saw his thread.

Awww, poor little Ricky Poo.



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