Imagine how absolutely brain dead one has to be to think someone keeping their money is greedy, and that those who want to take from them (those who did not earn it) should have the right to take it.

Not to mention we all know Rep. Ilhan Omar isn’t exactly roughing it these days.

Now, when you look at her tweet while it seems obnoxious, it doesn’t seem ‘off’, right?

There’s a reason.

No, Ilhan just suffers from DERP.

That was not her original tweet.

Her ORIGINAL tweet proves she has no idea how much money she’s trying to take from other people.

But we’re all GREEDY for not wanting to pay for it.

This is the tweet she deleted:


It’s BILLIONS, Ilhan. Not MILLIONS. lol

You’d think if she expects all of those evil billionaires to foot the bill for the ‘bill’ she’d at least have the common courtesy to know how much the damn thing costs annually.


Wait, sorry.

Socialist DEMOCRATS.



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