Biden’s mask choices do seem sort of … weird. And convenient. And political.

Sharyl Attkisson was good enough to do her ‘reporterly’ duties and point out Biden’s strange behavior with the mask:

She even said please.

Of course, they won’t answer her because they don’t really know why the old guy does and doesn’t wear it.

Like Brit Hume said:

When the mask is worn for political reasons there is no rhyme or reason to it. If they really believed the mask was protecting the old geezer they’d insist he wear it all the time, even when the cameras aren’t on. As Senator Rand Paul and other people who can actually think for themselves have been saying for months, it’s nothing more than political theatre.

And Biden’s ridiculous behavior with the mask proves it.

We’re shocked he can remember to put it on his face and not someplace else.

Hey, you know what, this works?


Biden in a cape … ok.

Maybe no more coffee this morning.

If Joe explained it would probably go something like this … “Look, I wear the puppy on my shoulder because purple told me Christmas is their favorite food.’



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