Bevy has zero-tolerance for discriminatory behavior, ya’ know. Let’s say that again.


You know Bevy, right? They’re the company that fired a woman who was doxxed online by a guy who then claimed there is no such thing as cancel culture. If you missed the ridiculous story you can catch up here.

Look at how quickly their co-founder and CEO Derek Anderson took responsibility.

Gosh, that’s no good.

An employee engaged in behavior contrary to their values so they were fired. Sounds legit.

Wondering when Derek will fire himself.

A slur is a slur is a slur.

And boy-howdy, the r-word is a nasty one because people with developmental disabilities have been fighting for decades to remove that word from our everyday language because they find it hateful, hurtful, and discriminatory.

You’d think someone who cares about discriminatory behavior would know better.

We’re pretty sure Derek won’t be firing himself but hopefully, he can do a little self-reflection and think about what cancel culture really is and how harmful and dangerous it has become.

He evolved.

Or something like that.

Do what is right, Derk.

Good luck with that, chief.



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