Many of us tried to tell our ‘betters’ in Never Trump that Biden would be a disaster but they just kept on insisting electing him would be putting the adults back in the White House.

If Biden is what it looks like when adults are in charge, please, by all means, bring back the kids.


This thread does an exceptional job taking these holier-than-thou conservers of conservatism APART and reminding them THEY are the problem.

Not Trump

Not his supporters.


And they have been for decades.

Take a look:



Harry ‘Nuke the Filibuster’ Reid.

Excellent point.

He wanted to be liked and invited to all of the best cocktail parties.

They threw their principles out the window just so they could punish Trump and his supporters.

Sad, ain’t it?

They were tired of getting ‘beat like a drum’.

If we’re being honest, Trump governed nearly as conservatively as Reagan did.

Dogcrap donuts.

We will be stealing that one, thank you very much.


And gold star for the ‘your mom’ joke.

Just did a teensy little fist-pump.

Some of them openly supported Biden.

See Kristol.

See Rubin.

See Nichols.

And we all know Never Trump is a tribe and a cult, all in one.

Grab two mops.

Biden makes Trump look like the best president ever … Hell, he makes Jimmy Carter look almost tolerable.

Thanks a lot, Never Trumpers.



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