Folks, Andrew Cuomo wants us all to know that his ousting had nothing to do with his killing thousands of elderly people or sexual harassment … no no, it was politics.

Or something.

Would someone remind Andy he resigned after the AG said the accusations had some merit to them?


Behind a paywall even. Typical.

From News Day:

As a lifelong Democrat and practicing lawyer for over 40 years, I am appalled by the Albany coup d’êtat in which Andrew Cuomo’s political rivals trampled the rights of the electorate and basic due process for their own political gain.

As Democrats, we support the right of sexual harassment victims to come forward. But it need not be at the expense of sacred constitutional rights designed to protect all citizens, individually and collectively, against the seizure of political power from a duly elected leader.

The “cancel culture” mentality supplanted governmental process and fairness, all politically orchestrated. The governor’s political competitors and the so-called “socialist” faction weaponized sexual harassment allegations, exploiting the emotion and power of the issue to cripple Cuomo’s practical ability to defend himself in the media. They insisted that Attorney General Letitia James exclusively control the review even though she had an obvious conflict as a potential Cuomo challenger. Finally, to complete the coup, they maneuvered the State Legislature toward impeachment, citing the attorney general’s legally infirm report.

Opinion piece.

From a Democrat.

Alrighty then.




We’re going to start calling Andy, ‘Uncle Rico.’

He’s a Democrat so he has NO IDEA whatsoever.

Zero tolerance.

Ok, we could have gone our entire lives without thinking about Jennifer Rubin being horny BUT since we had to read it, so do you.


‘Nuff said.



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