You know Terry McAuliffe is getting desperate if he’s bringing in this doctor to go after Glenn Youngkin. This doctor is Joseph Sakran, a left-wing activist who was anti-vaxx in 2020 and was caught earlier last year faking a hate crime. Recognize this guy yet?

From The Free Beacon:

Virginia Democratic gubernatorial nominee Terry McAuliffe employed a left-wing doctor who questioned the efficacy of the vaccine during the Trump presidency to portray his GOP opponent as anti-science.

In an ad released Friday, McAuliffe trotted out trauma surgeon Joseph Sakran to argue Youngkin “won’t listen to doctors and scientists.” While the ad presents Sakran as an unbiased expert who merely cites “the science,” Sakran himself sowed doubt about the vaccine during its development and has a long history as a liberal activist and donor.

Sakran in May 2020 questioned a Moderna announcement that touted “promising vaccine results,” suggesting that the company only did so to manipulate its stock price.

“Moderna announced promising vaccine results…..and the executives then sell 30 million in stocks,” Sakran wrote. “Something smells funny!” Months later, he contended that the Trump administration could use “political pressure” to “circumvent” health experts and create “an expedited vaccine making healthy people sick.”

And now he’s magically pro-vaxx and trashing Terry’s opponent?


Almost like he’s got an agenda.

Oh, and if you were wondering what his hate crime looked like:

Yeah, that’s him.

Not to mention, Terry has a history of appointing big donors … almost as if he’s rewarding them.

Holocaust of poison.

And Terry wants to mandate all Virginians take it?


Told ya’.

Nice to see one good fraud deserves another.



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