It’s astonishing, and not in a good way, how badly so many blue-checks WANT this whole ‘whipping Haitians’ thing to be true … we suppose they need another new reason to hate on their own country and pretend it’s evil and racist. We especially like those pushing the narrative that Trump put this whole whipping practice in place while he was president because DA DA DAAAAA, orange man bad.

We swear, things are just getting dumber:


This is not true.

No pictures or videos show border patrol agents whipping any Haitians.

This is what happens when dingbats get their news on Twitter.

Calling BS on this, Malcolm. No offense.


And well-played.

Whoohoo! Congrats!

Rodeo clowns are actually pretty damn awesome, just sayin’.


Wouldn’t hold your breath on that.

Finally …

US Intelligence is sadly becoming more and more of an oxymoron.

Same difference.



‘Those weren’t WHIPS you ice cube’: Nancy Pelosi BRAVELY comes out against ‘whipping Haitians’ in melodramatic thread and LOL