S.E. Cupp writing about the GOP’s Stockholm Syndrome implying they can’t let Trump go while she herself can’t let Trump go may be one of the most embarrassing things we’ve seen from her in a good while.

Would someone please get her a mirror?


Whatever is in the water at CNN seems to kill brain cells REALLY really fast.

The only people we see still babbling about Trump are those who want to ignore the sh*tshow that’s taking place in the White House right now. Could be Cupp knows she is in part responsible for unleashing President Vaccine Mandate on this country and would rather deflect than own it.

Or she still has a nasty case of TDS.

Maybe both.

Quiet you.

She would rather focus on the evil Republicans and stuff.

True story.

That would be admitting they were all wrong about getting ‘the adults back in the White House.’

And we all know they can’t admit that.

Yup, made that face.

How does she breathe inside that bubble?

Let’s hope so.

That would be her.

And he’s taking other Democrats like Terry McAwful with him.

Fingers crossed.



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