You know, if they really felt like Afghanistan was an ‘extraordinary success’ you’d think they’d want to spend a little more time talking about it and wouldn’t be working quite so hard to move onto something else ..

But you know, gotta keep that WOKE agenda going and stuff.


Read the effing room.

They are missing the mark in SO MANY WAYS.

But you all knew that.

Crazy talk.

Sums it up quite nicely.



‘F**k THAT, we don’t have to worry about that.’ Biden 2012 quote on leaving Afghanistan PROVES he really is a heartless as*hole

‘Destroyed the lives of 100s of 1000s of Afghans’: Rory Stewart PAINFULLY reminds Ian Millhiser not EVERYTHING is about him and ROFL

Stella Parton tantrums over TX abortion law, claims American women are treated worse than Afghan women and HOOBOY, sooo much BACKFIRE