Press Secretary Christina Pushaw has proven she will take NO SH*T from any media outlet that tries to trash and smear her boss, Governor DeSantis. We’ve watched for months (years?) as the media tries to make him into a bad guy or a failure because they know if he runs for president, Biden or Harris will have a very tough time securing another term. It reminds us a little bit of what they did to Trump, except DeSantis has a filter that Trump never did, which sometimes made him his own worst enemy.

DeSantis is a legit threat.

And he has one Hell of an advocate in Pushaw:

Media just started pretending it is.

Wonder why that is?

*we know why, we’re just being snarky a-holes*

No mystery.

No scandal.

No story.

What do you know?

Even the Florida Health Dept is slamming the Miami Herald?


Awww, even in Español.

She’s a giver.

Agenda, narrative, clicks and taps.

Pretty much for the same reasons basically all media outlets have become untrustworthy sh*tholes.

Facts and reality are their kryptonite.



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