Boy oh boy, what in the Cinnamon Toast Cruch EFF was that ridiculousness from Biden yesterday during the press conference on the marines killed in Kabul? Beyond the fact that this editor really couldn’t figure out what the heck he was even trying to get across, his behavior was just so damn weird.

Like beyond weird.

Something is definitely not right with Biden.

Terrifying that he’s the leader of the free world, right?

Joey Jones called him out like nobody else could:

Nice try, Biden, but nope.

The only people who bought into that act supported him anyway – the rest of us just watched a complete failure continuing to embarrass himself, and our country.


Huh, we hadn’t considered that.


Thank you, indeed, for this tweet, and your service, sir.

Politics really has become nothing more than theater.

Rehearsed. As in an act.


THERE ya’ go!

And the entire world sees it.



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