Considering what an abysmal job Dr. Fauci did with AIDS, we’re not entirely sure how smart Kimberley Johnson’s tweet really is. Not to mention government wasn’t mandating condom usage … can you imagine? ‘Sorry sir, you’ll have to show proof that you’re wearing a condom before we can allow you to come into Target. You understand.’

We get what she was trying to do here but yeah … this was dumb.


Remember all those condom mandates? Heh.

Not to mention she basically made the anti-mask-mandate people’s point for them. Parents should be the ones encouraging mitigation, not the damn government.

Nice blue check she’s got there.



That sounds … well, that sounds off.

Our bad.

We weep for the future of this country.

Lots of dumb people out there, and they all seem to use Twitter.

Well, Fauci has worked on both and screwed both up so yeah … you can.

Note, when we started going through the quote-tweets on her tweet the number of morons saying she was onto something here … yikes. We weep for the future of this country.

Ignorance and flat-out stupidity are both far more dangerous than any virus, and we get to see it 24/7 on Twitter.

Lucky us.



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