Biden has spent nearly 50 years in politics … and this is the best he can do. Wow.

Taliban says jump, he says how high.


From CNN:

President Joe Biden has decided, in consultation with his national security team, to stick with the August 31 deadline for withdrawing troops from Afghanistan, according to a senior administration official.

Biden made the decision mindful of the security risks in remaining the country longer, the official said, and he has asked for contingency plans in case he determines at a later date the US needs to remain in the country for longer.

Even as the United States flies tens of thousands of people out of the country, …

Notice, they don’t say AMERICANS …

… the situation in Afghanistan remains desperate and many Afghans who assisted the war effort are still awaiting their turn to leave. US officials have described in stark terms the real threat of terror attacks at the Kabul airport as crowds gather outside the gates.

What a catastrophe.

They just keep saying they’ve evacuated ‘people.’ You’d think if there were a significant number of Americans being evacuated they’d be all over reporting those numbers.

Biden lied.

Sure seems that way.


Remember when we used to refuse to negotiate with terrorists?

Seems we cave to them under Biden.



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