If you want to know who the media are now afraid of just look at their coverage of Ron DeSantis. Remember when they claimed he was playing favorites with the vaccine in March because he was making sure the elderly were getting vaccinated first? Or when they accused him of corruption with Publix?

Now they’re acting like he’s never spoken about the vaccine at all.

Don’t make that face, we’re not the media.

Christina Pushaw made them all look like the clown show they really are.

DeSantis makes them nuts. Ain’t it grand?

It’s because they are desperate for clicks and taps. Without ‘orange man bad’ they don’t really have much people care about reading. We all know they’re not going to talk about the obvious mental decline we can literally see in real-time with the current Puppet in Chief.

Plus they’re terrified DeSantis might run in 24 … and win.



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