Fauci has some ‘splainin’ to do.

We know that you know that we know that you know that, but RedSteeze put together a damn good thread that really lays it all out. Beyond all of the drama with Rand (and it was fun to watch, oh Hell yeah), the actual story here is pretty damn damning.

Worth a look:

Once you look at it that way you can see why he’s trying so hard to keep people from seeing what’s really been going on. The authoritarian gnome has so very much to lose, and it’s not just that hefty salary from the feds.

Keep going.

4 million are dead likely because of this research.

Why on EARTH did anyone ever listen to this guy with COVID?

Things we will likely never know.

The media is as vested in making Fauci the High Priest of COVID as Fauci himself is. Their credibility is already in ruin, imagine what this would do to the small sliver they have left. Quit laughing, there is a tiny sliver there … we think?

Or not.

This this this.

All day this.

The reaction was AWESOME.

But we get where Steeze is coming from here. It’s easy to miss the real story when the presentation is that damn fiery and fun to watch.

More and more he’s looking like a monster.

Nailed it.