Don’t worry folks, CNN’s Donnie O’Sullivan was front and center during Biden’s train wreck of a Town Hall to deflect with tweets about Q.


Forget that when they did research on Q they had to go all the way to Australia to find a single person who took Q seriously …

Honestly, the only people who really pay attention to Q are those on the Left and in the media so they can pretend all of those evil people who disagree with them are unhinged, crazed, conspiracy theorists.

Like seriously, he thought this was worth sharing?

How hard do you think the 4Chan trolls who came up with the Q conspiracy group laugh when they see stuff like this?


Following the hard-hitting news like QAnon and which flavor of ice cream Biden had before the Town Hall.

You go girl, heh.

Color us shocked.

Donnie does.

And apparently CNN does.

Yeah, we laughed too.



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