Wonder if this blue-check knows they’re advocating to punch minorities?

Seems she missed Louis Farrakhan telling Black communities not to get the shot.

Nothing encourages people to get vaccinated more than being threatened with physical violence. Of course, this was what their intent has been all along, pitting the vaccinated against the unvaccinated, the masked versus the unmasked, the afraid versus the unafraid. The more divided we are as a people, the easier we all are to control.

And all of this has been about control.

Too bad this Lauren person isn’t bright enough to figure that out.

Or bright enough to see her tweet is pretty damn racist:

Notice Twitter has not taken her tweet down.



Maybe just a slap?


People will remain unvaccinated and ol’ Lauren will be in trouble with the law.

Hey, we’re not experts on the whole being a horrible blue-check on Twitter thing, but this sounds like a losing strategy to us.

Just sayin’.



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