Hey, Biden said it, COVID and vaccine misinformation is ‘literally killing people’.

Which is why we need the White House babysitting what we write on social media or something … you know, the whole Ministry of Truth. When will they start flagging old tweets from Democrats and media talking heads who were railing against the vaccine, masks, and a host of other things last year?

Couldn’t those tweets have done as much damage as say a mom questioning whether or not a mask is dangerous when forced on her children?

Glenn Greenwald gets it:


And then there’s the one famous tidbit from our vice president herself …

Oh, and we suppose the Daily Kos played a part in spreading this as well so does that make them responsible?

So many questions.


Hey, that’s what Jen Psaki said, right?

That’s a LOT of exploding.

Pretty sure Eric has left that up because he KNOWS if he deletes it the trolling (and Twitchying) will be relentless.




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