S.E. Cupp thought this tweet would inspire Republicans to get THE SHOT.


Because sure, Republicans are refusing to take the COVID shot just to own the libs.

Didn’t she use to be smarter than this? Seriously.

Imagine how completely out of touch someone has to be …

Honestly, we’re just embarrassed for her anymore.

Mark Hemingway blasted her:

Maybe S.E. Cupp should do a little investigative reporting on this or something … heh.

Or you know, stop getting her info off Twitter.

Freakin’ Republicans.

Oh, wait.

Since Biden missed his goal they need to pretend it was because Republicans were trying to sabotage him.

Or something.

But c’mon, man, that narrative ain’t gonna push itself!



So Biden will be CENSORING this guy, right?! Obsessed Trump hater Don Winslow was really REALLY against the shot before he was for it and ROFL

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