Boy oh boy, it’s really fun to go back through certain people’s tweets and look for any and all of them shrieking about how they wouldn’t take Trump’s ‘poison’ aka the COVID vaccine. Especially as the left, the media, and the Biden administration keep insisting it’s the right who are vaccine-resistant and sharing misinformation that is killing people.

Take Don Winslow for example. Don’t know who he is? No worries, he really didn’t have much of a presence on social media before he became a Trump troll … we guess he writes books? But it doesn’t seem he’s really all that well-known for his books, he’s more known for his frothy-mouthed, chest-thumping, anti-Trump hate-fest of a Twitter timeline.

Seriously, we’ve seen some Trump haters (looking at you Jim Acosta), but Winslow has really jumped the shark right over Trump Tower.

Which makes this so delicious.

Don retweets stuff like this NOW:

But he was very much against the vaccine when Trump was in office. Almost like this dill hole thinks Biden becoming president magically changed the vaccine.

It didn’t.

These are some of his best … or worst, depending on how you look at it:


Oh wait, it gets better:

So in Don’s little mind in his little bald head he’s hiding in his avi, he didn’t think we’d have a vaccine until September of this year.


We’re shocked he hasn’t deleted these.


Oh, no wait … nothing happens.

But Don was ok with scaring the crap out of people back in November when it came to the vaccine.

Gosh, what changed?

Yes, we’re being facetious.



He was like, super wrong. Is there a word for super wrong?

Man does this guy ever project.

Then compare them to tweets about the vaccine under Biden:

Almost as if Don is nothing more than an insincere troll trying to make bank on hating Trump.

Wonder how many people he actually hurt with his misinformed tweets? Isn’t that what Biden said the real issue is? That people who misinform are ‘killing others’?




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