This Gene Wu guy is really awful … even for Houston. And it doesn’t say much for Houston that he’s on Twitter actively threatening people with a national mask mandate AFTER three of his idiotic cohorts who flew on a private plane without masks have tested positive for COVID.

Not entirely sure why he thought this was a good idea but here we are.

Would it be rude to tell Gene to blow this out his a*s because we’d really like to tell Gene to blow it out his a*s.


He sucks.

See what we mean? And the ratios on his tweets tell us he is not popular, even with his own ‘side.’ Americans as a whole are done with being masked and locked down, especially those who have been told if they are vaccinated they can get back to normal. It would be political suicide for Biden or any Democrat to actually go the other way …

There’s a reason Newsom is being recalled.

Superspreader event!!!

Would be nice of Twitter to ‘correct’ him, right?

They broke the law and caught the virus.

And Gene’s response is to threaten Americans with lockdowns and masks.

Typical a-hole Democrat.


But then again, this butt-nugget of horrible has been Twitchy gold.


But you know, he’ll MASK US ALL.

What a maroon.



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