Jonathan Turley gets it.

Plenty of people have said journalists are more like activists these days but HE came to the discussion with an actual theory and receipt.

It’s just a bonus that his theory uses Nikole Hannah-Jones historical errors to destroy activism journalism in general, almost like killing two bird with one stone.

And Nikole is one of the worst.

This sounds a whole lot like people telling ‘their truth,’ which is really just a fancy way of saying they’re making crap up for their own benefit.

We see this a lot.

And since Hannah-Jones got away with it, we see other journalists doing more of the same.


‘They insist they have to tell the truth about society and politics AS THEY SEE IT.’


Spot freakin’ on.

That works too.

Excellent point.

When challenged, many of these ‘reporters’ feel justified in making the challenger pay.

Which she then turned down.

That it does.



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