Remember the other day when Black Lives Matter blamed America and not Communism for the riots … sorry … protests in Cuba?

Good times.

Probably a reason for that.

Maybe BLM should just go to Cuba …

Hey, we’re not being snotty, we’re being helpful. If they hate capitalism and America and think Fidel Castro and communism are rad, they should go where they can live under that sort of rule. I’m sure there are plenty of Cubans who would be more than willing to give up their place there in Cuba in order to come here to America.

Everybody wins.

Oh, we did.

Holy crap, lol.

Lessons from Fidel Castro.


And US Embassies were encouraged to fly the BLM flag. Holy cow …

Gosh, this is probably why they blamed America for the Cuban protests and refused to admit it’s communism.

We’re shocked … SHOCKED.


Then maybe she shouldn’t support BLM.

They don’t support her.

Cubans get it.


This is not going well for these well-known and admitted Marxists.

Good question.



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