Texas Democrats really screwed up, folks.

We know, the media are acting like they’ve done this HUGE thing PROTECTING DEMOCRACY, but the only people who buy this crap are Democrats anyway and the rest of the world is pointing and laughing at these brave souls who hopped on private planes, maskless, with a bunch of beer, and then jumped on Twitter like it was some crap publicity tour.

Guess the Texas House wasn’t at all amused:

Granted, we’ll believe it when we see it but this is encouraging. All too often it feels like the only people who are actually held accountable for breaking the law are the little people, and our elected officials can act like a bunch of morons with zero consequences.

If they DO go get them, I hope they film it all.

Hey man, one publicity tour deserves another.

Guess it’s happened before.


That would be bada*s.




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