Louis Farrakhan is warning the Black community NOT to take the COVID-19 vaccination.


Sorry but we’ve been informed by our good, dependable, TOTALLY unbiased friends in the media that only backwoods, redneck, straight, white, male Trump supporters are refusing to get vaccinated.


This seems somewhat counter to that narrative though, don’t you think?

Treacherous history of experimentation, medication, and vaccines.


Don’t worry, you can find ‘divine guidance’ on their website and stuff.

P-sucky would find a way not to answer this question, whether that would be pivoting or claiming she will ‘circle back’.

Pretty crazy stuff.


We’ve noticed those handy dandy COVID-19 warnings have disappeared since the election. Wonder why that is.

And yes, we are being totally facetious.

We know damn well why that is.



BASTA-HAHAHA! Same mainstream media that spent years SLOBBERING all over Avenatti now refuses to say his name and ROFL

Gosh, how very TELLING: 150 people were shot to death in major cities this past weekend … and here’s CNN’s homepage

Nothing to see here, just Jen Psaki admitting the feds will be going door-to-door to Americans who have not been vaccinated (watch)