Hey, at least Terry isn’t dancing this time.

Or pretending to grill out. Ahem.

We don’t know if Terry McAuliffe has accepted if a Democrat is going to lose in Virginia it will be THIS YEAR (Northam really sucked) or if he’s really just that bad at the whole Twitter thing but wow … this was stupid.


Let’s do that.

Let’s make voting ‘easier’ than buying a gun.

Voter ID. Background check. Waiting period. No felons can vote.

FFS, Terry. Really? ROFL.

Terry really wants people to think Youngkin will take their ‘right to vote’ away from them.

It’s bizarre.

And so damn desperate.

We’ve met breadsticks who are far brighter than Terry.

If the shoe fits.

Why not both?


THAT was hilarious. Nothing says you’re completely out of touch with everyday Americans like FAILING at a photo op as badly as Terry did.

All we can guess is Terry’s internals must look SOOOOOO bad because his tweets are just seriously desperate.

And so bad.

Which pleases this editor.




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