Nothing to see here.

Just a bunch of thugs (and sorry but they are thugs) openly stealing several thousand dollars worth of handbags from a Neiman Marcus in San Francisco in broad daylight.

We suppose at this point it’s sadly something San Franciscans have come to expect in their city.


Watch this insanity:

‘They didn’t do anything to stop them.’

Well of course not, that would have been RACIST.

And illustrated their white privilege.

Or something.

Hey, at least the shoplifters were masked, right? Safety first!

And San Fan does nothing to stop it.

We are reminded of the thread from a San Franciscan moderate Democratic woman who is ready to leave the city; she even said she is starting to feel red-pilled.

But you know, social justice and stuff!

Sorry, but we won’t see this grift anytime soon. There is big money in the movement telling young Black Americans that America is bad and that white people are their enemy because of social justice and stuff.


Sadly, all too true.



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