Trump has been out of office for nearly seven months, and these hate-filled losers still can’t quit him. They really have proven that Trump Derangement Syndrome is the herpes of the political world, it just never goes away. Seriously, what sort of low-life, insecure, unhappy, empty loser sees a story about a man killed in a race car crash and makes the jump to celebrating the death of a Trump supporter?

Don’t answer that.

We know the sort of empty loser who does that …

And look at his pretty blue checkmark. Twitter continues to refuse to verify various writers for right-leaning publications (who never tweet anywhere close to this level of hate) but sure, verify the guy celebrating death over politics.

That’s the Twitter way!

This is an insult to POS everywhere.

There is but we’d probably get in trouble with the bigs if we used it in this article.

Just sayin’.


He’s looking for attention, any attention, which tells us he’s even more desperate than we thought.



Bro, take the L.

Over/under on how long before he deletes the tweet?



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