Tom Cotton, Ted Cruz, and other Republicans GET IT.

Masking our children is not only cruel but unscientific.

Time for the TSA to remove masks on all public transport … which means it’s time for Biden to take action.

And we all know he’s far too busy with the crazy whispering to the media to actually focus on what his constituents across the country need but still.

What he said.

And then this guy showed up.



Imagine being such a toad you attack Tom Cotton for trying to unmask our children.

Cue Bethany Mandel:


Then he should damn well KNOW BETTER.

It is cruel.

For all kids but especially for our kiddos with developmental disabilities who simply CAN’T wear them.

But just in case, Bethany made DAMN sure he figured it out.

Awful story.

But wait, there’s more.

Kicked off.


So soft.

Yeah, they should toughen up.

Ouch … we felt that all the way over here.

Don’t mess with a mama bear, folks.

Trust us.



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