So only evangelical Christians love freedom?

Fighting against authority and tyranny?

Weird take from The Daily Beast.

And to act like comparing Ted Cruz to William Wallace is an insult?

Weirder take:

From The Daily Beast:

The election of Barack Obama only heightened evangelical militancy and the need for a Christian warrior masculinity. In 2013, Ted Cruz pointed to Braveheart as “the key to understanding Washington,” and he liked to envision himself a modern-day William Wallace. In 2016, however, Ted Cruz would not be leading the charge.

Many observers were baffled by evangelical support for Donald Trump, a man who seemed the very antithesis of family-values evangelicalism. In fact, Trump embodied the rugged warrior masculinity that many evangelicals had come to expect in their political leaders, in terms of ruthlessness if not actual physical form.

They are still OBSESSED with Trump.

And of course, with Ted Cruz.

Who fired back.

How could anyone hate John Wayne?!

Kids these days.

*shakes fist*

So does this mean Ted owns another outlet?

Why do they ALWAYS look like this?

You know there’s a therapy cat named Ruth Bader Ginsberg just out of frame.

It’s really pretty simple.

Just sayin’.



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