Maybe it’s just us, but we still can’t help but laugh at the media and their attempts to tell Americans what Biden REALLY meant to say, and if they can’t do that, they are quick with the damage control telling us we didn’t hear what we heard.

Or in Zeke Miller’s case with Biden, he didn’t say what WE ALL FREAKIN’ HEARD HIM SAY.

Ummm … what did he intend then?


Brit Hume was not amused, probably because he heard it JUST LIKE THE REST OF US.

What Brit said.

Biden didn’t suggest he might veto the bipartisan bill they all bragged about.

He said if it was the only bill they sent to his desk he would veto it.

Which lie is the bigger lie?


This is nuts.


Yeah, we’re using a lot of caps today … it’s Monday morning and the caffeine is floooooowing baby.

Think we’ll just leave it at that.




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