Ken Klippensteing pretending DeSantis’ press secretary is ‘big mad’ just because is so weak. Oh, you spouting off crazy stuff about her boss for days and literally blaming him for a building’s collapse finally wore her out and she responded with, ‘Shame on you.’

And he’s proud of this?

Such a weird take.

He continued with another tweet …

But deleted it.

He said, quite smugly, ‘I appear to have struck a nerve.’

Maybe getting harassed by an annoying douchebag with an agenda gets old after a while?

Then he went back and tried this:

He leaves out this tweet from Christina Pushaw – conveniently:

Imagine harassing a woman on Twitter over her BOSS and then acting like you’re innocent in harassing her when she finally gets pissed off and tells you your behavior is disgusting.

Granted, this guy works for The Intercept so we don’t really expect much from him.

And stop deleting tweets.

Tough guy.

But gaslighting is what he does best.

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck …


He just wants to be tough, you guys!




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