Lefties trying to cancel Toyota. Alrighty then.

We’re pretty sure it’s the opposite of ethical to try and put a corporation out of business because of their people’s beliefs but hey, what do we know? Not to mention there is nothing funnier than a leftist/progressive group claiming they have the right to point the ethical finger at others.

Really with this crap?

So Al Gore?

Hillary Clinton?

Help us understand which election you’re talking about, CREW.


That is pretty damn funny.

Molly Jong-Fast was OUTRAGED … we know, you’re shocked. And since she dropped an f-bomb we’re not going to bother with her (ugh, she’s really not worth the time to screenshot), plus this takedown of her tweet is far more fun to include in our piece.

Choking on hypocrisy.

Such a fitting phrase for our pals on the Left.

See what we mean?

Crazy talk.

Roach excrement. Nice.

That hate and paranoia ain’t gonna fuel itself ya’ know.



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