Democrats have NEVER changed you guys. They just hide their racism better now.

It has come to our attention that Sheldon Whitehouse belongs to ANOTHER all-white club (yes, that makes two), and of course the media are all OVER this story today, pointing out what a huge hypocrite he has been while claiming to fight against racism and inequity in all of its forms.

Just kidding.

Barely a chirp about it … sort of like what happened with Ralph Northam was caught wearing blackface or posing in a klan robe.

It just sort of goes away when Democrats remind us who the real party behind the KKK and Jim Crow really is:

And their voters don’t care.


But then again, if their voters were sane they wouldn’t vote for people like Joe Biden in the first place so eh.

Excellent point.

The a-hole responsible for tens of thousands of deaths in nursing homes and group homes for people with developmental disabilities, who has also been accused of sexual misconduct from several of his aides, while writing a book that earned him 5.1 million seems to be getting away with all of it.

Must be nice to be a Democrat.

Something like that.



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