Gosh, Sen. Warnock … that email you sent JUST A COUPLE OF HOURS AGO says otherwise.

Burdensome Voter ID laws.

What the Hell does that mean?

Asking someone to have an ID is burdensome?

C’mon man!

From the Free Beacon:

Sen. Raphael Warnock (D., Ga.) sent a fundraising email asking recipients to identify their support for “repealing strict and burdensome voter ID laws” just hours after he claimed he has “never been opposed to voter ID.”

The email, which Warnock’s campaign sent Thursday night, contains a survey for “top supporters” to give their “critical insights” on GOP-led “voter suppression.” The survey includes a question asking respondents to note their top priorities for “voting rights reforms” as Democrats look to “take action at the federal level.”

“Repealing strict and burdensome voter ID laws,” read one of the responses to the question.

Sounds very different from his claiming he’s never been opposed to voter ID, doncha think?

We’ve got a list.



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